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Our services


TEXTERIA provides a full range of translation services for companies and institutions, as well as individual customers. We specialise in translating business and specialist texts to the highest standard.
We offer professional translation services of specialist texts in the following languages:
                          Arabic                Belarusian            Bulgarian              Catalan
                          Chinese             Croatian                Czech                    Danish       
                          Dutch                 English                   Estonian               Finnish      
                          French               German                  Greek                    Hungarian         
                          Icelandic           Italian                      Japanese             Korean    
                          Latvian              Lituanian                Norwegian           Polish      
                          Portuguese      Romanian              Russian                Serbian    
                          Slovak               Slovenian               Spanish                Swedish        
                          Turkish             Ukrainian                etc.
Our company is a multi-sector translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields:
general translation (correspondence, CV, cover letters etc.)
business translation (business correspondence, contracts, orders, product specifications, cost estimates, reports etc.)
legal translation (EU projects, contracts, official correspondence etc.)
technical translation (technical documentation, user manuals, descriptions, projects, documentation for tenders, catalogues etc.)
scientific translation (master thesis etc., scientific articles etc.)
medical and pharmaceutical translation (medical test results , medical equipment operator's manuals etc.)
other specialist translation
literary translation
website localization
Additionally, our native speakers proofread the texts formerly translated.
We accept digital documents as well as printouts.
We edit every file format, including unmodifiable and graphic file formats.


Our interpreters offer their services for all kinds of formal meetings, business meetings, training courses, expositions, events etc. in Poland and, if possible, abroad.